Sleep quietly, no mosquitos


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The summer arrives, the sun, hot, holidays,... and those annoying flying insects which we have always tried to avoid: Mosquitoes.

And why do we talk about the summer and mosquitoes in a software website? Easy, thanks to this new and useful tool you will not have that annoying holiday partner with you when using your computer.

Ultrafobos is a piece of software developed to repel insects and other animals, such as, rats, birds or cats by ultrasound emission throughout your sound card.

Do you think it will be difficult? You are wrong, you only have to decide the animal you want to repel, choose the ultrasound range you have to use (i.e. if you want to repel insects, it is 14.000 - 50.000 Hz), volume and time.

In addition we can program the computer so it will repeat the sound each certain time.

Enjoy this insects free holidays.
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